Through stretching the definition of “the vessel” -as body, clothing, building, pot- I am exploring what it means to contain, to hold, to explore volume and to claim space. If vessels act as containers of sustenance, then they must also continue on as transformative objects(emotive physical links) by manipulating space, emotion and material.

Investigating the way materials hold each other in order to make sense of their use, I am interested in the structural tension between heaviness and breath, line and solidity, concealment and exposure, while letting the material act as it’s own device for intimacy.

With time/change parallels develop between the uncovering of one’s place in the world and conducting the space around us to understand the physical environment we are occupying. Grappling with the role of transformation in memory and trying to find a sense of grounding or understanding of place in the world, I am questioning the unfolding of our perception.

Our existence is a story made up of past happenings, leading us to remain with memories that capture and purify images and sensations. Preserving life through the people we meet and the fragments of thought they leave behind, we hold on to memory in order to move forward. Exposing an atmosphere of familiarity, yet still invoking a nostalgia for the present, I merge vestiges of the past to explore the simple expression of complex memory, thought and experience.   Instigated from a nomadic lifestyle, the constant disruption of relationships and the presentation of ourselves to the world, I question the fragile act of intimacy through the (in)stability of thought.