As a teenager, there were constantly clothes to take off the line. We had, at one point, 3 clotheslines reaching out from the windows to the telephone pole tucked away in the left corner of our backyard. The reaching of arms out the window as our legs anchored us inside was a brutal test of our ability to balance and stretch. Our body became a part of this apparatus--as it often does when we complete physical tasks; our joints propel us forward while shoulders and hips and heads bear weight and get worked. When our bodies become mechanisms, where does the boundary lie? Is the edge of our body the tip of our finger or is it the ends of the bristles of the broom as we sweep the floor?

I investigate the notions of home, vessel, body and clothing through the manipulation of space and material. Although clay is most often the place where I begin my work, I use other mediums, specifically cloth and wood to expand my sculptures. These material-collaborative apparatuses allow me to incorporate the human body, therefore placing my work somewhere between object, sculpture, and performance.